Friday, November 6, 2009

Probably one of the best Source for your Hi End Audio Equipment

Penang as one of the best ten Asian City…There is a Hi Fi shop which has been running by Andre for many years. If you are running Audio business in Malaysia and Singapore, I think you may know him, He is an Hi Fi Guru, with more than 30 years experience in Audio audition and being an agent of some of the exotic European Principles such as ClearAudio, Davinci, Benz Micro, German Physics, Nagra, soulution…etc
A few hours ago, I went there with Two friends for audition, his latest set-up is runnign with the following equipment:
Souther linear pick up arm
Clearaudio gold finger VC1 cartridge
Clearaudio Master reference Turntable
soulution Preamp with a Phono card built in
soulution Power amp with 130W class A each channel, weight 80kgf!
German Physics 4 ways loudspeaker
Though the equipment has not been fully run in, we could hear that the bass was tight, fast and
got the punch and momentum... mid and treble was so warm, sweet and have that kind of tube warmesss that I can not find from jeff Rowland, nor Pass Lab...
So we could see that there is a lot room to further Open the sound as time goes by when the loudspeaker has been run in!!
A lot of fun as I started to beleive that there is some Swiss audio engineers that can produce good audio amplifer with Transistor! Note: I am a die hard Tube amplifier lover...
Andre trold me that the soulution power amplifier contains over 3,000 components! I do really want to open and look into it... pricewise: surprisingly good that most of us can afford!!

If you want to get more information on what is the best Amplifier or Loudspeaker for your taste, or a set of Hi End Audio Set, He definitely can be your consultant.

Or if you need a super price for Hi End Audio Equipment, you can refer to him; of you can ask through me. I think I can relay your request to him….

The equipment that is dealing is much attractive with comparing with the price you get…
Why?…. As that is his business set-up and does not rely on retails and a lot of effort in reduction of Administration costs. The Shop running cost of Penang is approximately 70% cheaper than Hong Kong. That can make a big difference in offering the right selling price for us… also he has a big sales record and thus he can get a better dealer price!

Take for an example, his Cartridge price is much competitive than you can get in Japan, USA and Hong Kong…Don’t believe!?
Last year, I bought a Gold Finger Diamond VC2 from Andre and I have just requested to reserve another one for me!!

Audible Difference Acoustics
118-1-05, Island Plaza,
Jalan Tanjong Tokong,
10470 Penang.
Contact: Andre at +6-012-429 6101

HK Snob