Saturday, August 9, 2014

HK Hi Fi Show 2014 at Convention Centre 8~10 Aug

The two barbecue stoves on the floor ain't cheap!

clearaudio turntable, it does not look like Stattment.

The Buk Missile one at each side is a powerful show piece in the Room. I Like the ATC monitor

Does this Chinese made Turntable looks like the one on top of this post?

 Disappointing Audio Note likely not a good set-up. The Weak point is the Loudspeaker.

Ortofon integrated Amp, cheapo China made offer.

 Good to see the Koetsu Jade Cartridge, List Price USD$10,000

 EMT cartridge, isn't cheap at all.

 Happy to see Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge

The Hi Fi Show is huge, a lot of Participants, But I did not see Audio Space, Probably Peter is busy with his own issues. Many youth come to the shop for the handphone,  Hi End Head phone up to a USD$5,000, what a price, does it worth!? I have tried yet.

Many Turn Tables are there, many people does not understand why?  I know as the CD and MP3 does not able to provide that Analogue feeling we want to get.
Hi End Audio makers cannot just focus on the hi end customer, they have switched to the mid-low end demand on loudspeaker and mini system.

Hi End Audio maker produces super mammoth like Balder’s mono block each has a output stage of 10 pieces of 300B.
Glad to see a lot like 20% of Analague Products in the show, a lot of Analogue Players Ortofon, Koetsu, EMT, Kiseki, SME, Clearaudio, EAR are in the show…

I found that the “Royal ballet” LP is there on sales, Mono is HKD$28,000. Stereo (Later release) is HKD$18,000! And I met the Shanling booth Boss, Ms. Lee and Kuen, (Audiotronics) Mrs. Lee told me ; Hey, you LP is now selling at HKD$28,000, the time I sold you was just HKD$7,000!”
True, Simon Lee sold me that Album 8 years ago at HKD$7,000. Well, that isn’t small amount of money at that time… However, this is the Gem of the Classic Music, to be a LP collector, I think I need to keep that.
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