Friday, February 18, 2011

Modified Vendetta Research SCP1 Pre-Pre-amp.

The White Tape is some kind of High Temperature heat sealant tape (it can stand up up Temp 300 Degrees C. Just to hold the heavy Golden Jensen Capacitors in Position. These two round metal can is the Dual FET that was the magic of this John Curl 's Golden Box. I have been modifying the Vendetta Research SCP1 Pre-Pre amp for optimized performance.
I had discussed with the Designer John Curl. I can changed for better performance by the followings:
1. Modify the Rectifier diode to fast recovery type
2. Add additional Power smoothing capacitor to 20,000 MFD.
3. Change a better S/N logic IC.
4. He asked me not to touch the Rel-cap 0.1 400V X4
I changed the Output Capacitor from Rel-Cap to Jensen Oil Cap 0.1MFD 400V.
That was about HKD$1,500 a piece.. the four capacitors cost me HKD$6,000.00.
Now the sound is more powerful, very quiet.. and It has been running more than 1 year already., some one told me that Jensen Capacitors is easily go for leakage as it can not be performing in stable condition when itis hot.. But I had not noticed any degradation of the four Gold Capacitors...
I put a few pieces of Ebony on top. It works like magic and the amplifier is even quieter than before.
HK Snob

Friday, February 4, 2011

Upgraded version of Audio Space 3.1 All Tubes Pre Amplifier

This is Audio Space 3.1 that I bought some 10 years ago. handled by Andy and Jason Leung. There is special Arrangement on the preamp Use The Tara Lab 6N copper strands for interconnection Use Black Gate Capacitors for power supply Multicap PPMFX 4.0 400V Coupler capacitors Servo driver control on the Main Amplifier stage, there are 4 transistors and some trim pot and resistance chain. Tubes Telefunken ECC803S X2 Telefunken 6211 X2 PriceBasic Amplifier cost HKD$9,000.00 Upgrade material cost HKD$7,000.00 (note that the Black Gate Capacitor is no more in production) NOS Black gate 100MFD+100MFD 400V is about HKD$1,800 min. a price!if you can find one! Today’s NOS Telefunken ECC803 with box sealed is about HKD$18,000.00 a pair. NOS 6211 is about HKD$7,000 a pair Performance Quiet, detail, rather high resolution, musical and warm…I rate it as 8/10 overall. I will not think of another upgrade as it may cost too much for a faction of audition difference I believe. I will stay relaxed enjoying the music rather for the coming years. Ps. All Hi Fi Audiophile lovers say like what I have just said when he has no money.... Once he got the money, he will feel itchy for consideraing a better amplifier...for Sure! HK Snob