Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ortofon Jubilee MC Cartridge

I had been using P3 for one year over, does not mean that it is no good, but in view of the hi frequency transparency, I do think that there is a room for improvement, hardly could persuade friend of mind to borrow one of his two Jubilee for my audition.

I spent just 15 minutes to replace the Phase Tech P3 to Jubilee, it is easy to install, and it is almost the same weight as my P3. it is solid built, and the Nude Shibata stylus definite makes a lot of difference getting more scores.
After a while… It was done with all the set up.

I put on some of my favourite LPs and listened,… to my surprise, the sound has a lot more details, the overall tonal performance is classified as Hi grade, the bass is tight and the overall music production is no Hi Fi, but warm like Rosewood Signature II, bright but not too much as VC2 Gold Finger Diamond…It is quiet… very quiet.

I love it… I have to listen for more LPs before I can conclude how hi the scores are…
I think it is a great Cartridge… one of the top ten likely I the world of best cartridge. And the price is not that stunning High! Will have more comment after more rounds of repeated listening.

HK Snob