Friday, December 23, 2011

Sound Glory AV Supplies Mong Kok

Sound Glory's Mr. Tsang has been running the shop of many years at MongKok, the shop is situated at Rm 22, 4/F, Waing Wah Bldg., 14-24 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Kowloon, H.K.

They represent Canary Audio and EAR...etc.

Mong Kok Snob

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best buy Phase Tech P-3 MC cartridge

The Phase Tech P-3 MC cartridge is likely the best Valued and best performed MC cartridge I had ever used…
The P-3 Alexandrite is made by Kyodo Denshi Eng Co., Ltd Japan.
Here is the specification
Stylus : line contact/bending rate 0.03x0.03, diamond
Compliance: 7.3x 10¯6 cm/dyne (100Hz)
Output Voltage : 0.27mV
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Pressure: 1.7-20.g
Frequency Range at play” 10Hz-30KHz
Separation: >30 db (1Khz)
Channel Balance within 1 db (1Khz)
Temperate range 20-26 deg C
Cantilever :pure boron
Magnet: NeoDeltaMagnet
Base: Duralumin (with DLC treatment)
Look at the Specification, Channel separation is >30db and Channel Balance is within 1 db, that tells you how good Japanese craftsmanship can be…
Frequency Response is 10Hz to 30Khz… although they do not carry the +/1X db, and from my ear listening , it is wide.
The Pure Boron Cantilever , that is the material for Expensive Cartridge
From the Listing test, it is very detail, dynamic, true and not a Hi Fi Cartridge, it is so natural and longer you listen, the more you feel it is made for music not Hi Fi demonstration.
Go for it if you had budget concern, when I buy it last year, its is about HKD$9000. now it is over HKD$10,000.00
Well, if that is not too serious about the dynamic… not like the clearaudio VC 2 diamond…that has a better Dynamic than CD!
If that is not too much care about the mid-range that has Koetsu charisma, then probably you should go and buy it…
One more merit of this cartridge, it is very durable…. Not easy to get damages….
All you need is a quiet pre-pre-amp!
HK Snob

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lo Sir's Audio Equipment

Lo Sir has been active for Audio for many years, his preference is Solid State Pass Lab power Engine. The Loudspeaker is DynaAudio 30 Annivesary Limited 1,000 Pairs.

Space is limited , but the sound stage is huge, probbably due to the Power amplier. but the texture is not as fine as the vacuum Tubes power amplifier. Well they got power and that is what Lo Sir is looking for...

HungHom Snob

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Set-up of Audio System

Cartridge; Phase Tech P3 MC
Linn Sondek LP12 Table
Ittok Mark III tone arm
Vendetta Research SCP1 Pre-pre amp (Recent modified with shielded power cable, Jensen Copper Foil output Capacitors plus John Curl’s personal advice for added smoothing capacitor, changed with fast recovery Rectifiers…)
Anthem Phono Amp Pre1P (modified using Black Gate Capacitors Telefunken CCaX2, ECC801SX2)
Audio Space Pre-amp (modified by using 4 Power Black gate Smoothing TaraLab 6N copper bare wire for interconnect, servo amp for ECC803S bias. Telefunken ECC803Sx2, ECC802S x2)
Marantz 8B power amplifier (Gold Lion KT77X4)
Harbeth HL-compact loudspeacker
Silver Convention Silver Spur Interconnect cable between Pre-pre and Phono and between Phono and pre amp.
Sound is satisfactory after replacing with Silver Convention cable! It is time to put a Better Cartridge on the LP12… and to replace the cable between Pre-amp and 8B with Silver Convention's Silver Shadow.
My desire buy is Koetsu Rosewood Signature II (almost impossible to be found), Phase Tech P1…
Sound Effect is more than I am feeling Happy with, I will not envy another audio system anymore.

Kowloon Snob

A Fan of Quad in HK

This is a set-up o f a HK’s Hi Fi Man, he has the similar taste as my but he could afford to use all the Quad ESL57X4 and Quad II amp X2. Linn Sondek LP12…
He said that the treble is as thin as, as smooth as silk. Mid would make your ear mellow.
The bass is the only area that you can criticize, that is why he doubles it… So you had better keep your eye closed and listen…

NT Snob

Monday, August 1, 2011

UK Hand Made Interconnect Audio Cables Silver Convention's Silver Spur

This is a suprise as I received the package from a good friend in UK, he has known a expert in hand crafting Audio Signal Cables, honesty, Britain is used to be the best maker Audio equipment, this related to their history in music appreciation. As everyone knows if only using the measurement equipment to deign a cable may not be the best way in pleasing your ears, though the oscilloscope may have a perfect square waves and sinusoidal wafer forms., The secret lies in the tuning of the material, the right amount of shielding and the air gap between the signal and ground wire., No matter what kind of material, solid gold, plated gold, 6N copper wire, silver or Silver plated copper wire… all have the predicted wave form performance, but how it reproduces the right amount of tonal structure the balance, the quietness and the frequencies response would very much determined by the experience. I always admire something from the UK. Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, best turntable likes Garrard 501, the Linn Sondek LP12, The best BBC monitor LS3/5A under no changes at all on the set-up for 50 years, and yet the most desirable miniature Bookshelf today!
The best audio amplifier Quad II, the best Electrostatic Loudspeaker Quad ESL57.
The best Studio Monitor KEF103AB, the best …
I keep the cables in the box for week as I was on trip to Bangkok, once I went back yesterday, I started to work on the connection, you will see that my system are mounted on granite shelf, the whole shelf weighs about 500 Pounds, and I have no way to move it at all, It took me 3 hours to replace the 1M RCA cable between my Vendetta Research SCP1 into the Anthem Phono Amp, and the cable 2M between the Phono and the Audio Space Preamp. After a while, without burning in at all, I was SHOCKED to hear that I had been cheated by the original Kimble Silver wire for three years as I see there is the clear sky about my LP and I feel that there is rainbow on my Turntable.. and there is a good depth of the stage, I feel the trumpet is in the 11 O’clock position . The treble is crystal Clear and well defined at the harmonics. It is clear and is smooth as Thai Silk, the bass is solid and come like wind that blow up my trousers… and that is not cabinet booming… the Harbeth HL Compact had not been performed so rigorously since I bought is two years ago…. The Phase Tech P3 cartridge is a mid end series of Phase Tech but it bring me at least 70% of my Clear audio Gold Finger VC2 Diamond! It was awesome and I listened to the RCA Red-Seal LM-1976 Heifetz plays JS Bach Sonata No.1 Partita No.2 … You will not feel that this is Mono at all, as all my focus is on the Heifetz sentimental feeling on the Violin, and the violin is so vivid that I could almost smell the existence of the Italian masterpiece playing in front of me, without ignoring that this was recorded some 55 years ago…
I inform the British Snob told be to wait as it is just offering 70% of the power of the cable, once it has been run in,.. it is tell me how good my system is….
Well, Listening is believing! I will bring this two cable to Lo Sir, Andie, and Andre in Malaysia to try out as their system which worths about HKD$2,000,000.00 which may have a high resolution to tell the upper limit of what The Limitation of Hi Fi is supposed to be!
I am eager to listen it after the run-in…
And if you are not believing… I am the Lucky man that I can get this cable at connected into my system…. May be you should try it in your systme…. You will agree on what I am trying to say! Life will be lonely if you use the Expensive and yet not ear pleasing cable…
Music has no limited as it is analogue Music played by Silver Convention’s Silver Spur!
HK Snob

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Audio Space Show Room in Ap Liu Street

When you want to buy a budget Amplifier of a Hi Fi system, Think about Audio Space!
Now there is a budget system that could easily fulfill your desire to own a mid performance Audio System with limited budget…
I am talking Audio Space. And I am sure you have seen the Ad that Andy Lau was sitting down in this room for buying his Hi Fi system, Yes, this is the Audio Space Main show room in Ap Liu Street. Audio Space have been running more than 15 years and They are doing OEM for some of the German and Japanese Audio makers, Of course, all tubes amplifier.Today I went to listen to their Audio Space L/S35A. Well they have been working with some of the German supplier and their Loudspeaker is Assembled in Taiwan.
The Sound is comparable to the Roger L/S35A and Audio Space is even more powerful than the Roger in terms of Bass., But the one I listed is not yet full run in – I can not draw the comment if that is Better and the Rogers!? Well, all it takes is your time to go and Listen.
Their price is From HKD$9,500 to HKD$12,800. Depending the type of wood and finishing of the cabinets.

PS Say my name for Less 10% discount!

Ap Liu Street Snob

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gold Lion KT77 on Marantz 8B

After I bought the Marantz 8B, I had been changing tubes for best tunes.
Well, this is KT77 Gold Lion sent from a good friend from UK… I had immediately inserted onto the 8B and turn on the volume and listen carefully. Well. In fact, you do not have to listen carefully as the audible difference is greater than I expected.

Comparing with the Mullard EL34, KT77 is more powerful, more musical and have a lot of well defined images, the dynamic is unlimited… The more the volume, the more the power and less effect on the resolution. This is the second day of the amplifier using the new KT77. the tubes had been run in a bit and the sound is more mellow , less HOT than Yesterday, very smooth and delightful way of Presenting her sexy voice for Dustin Spring field on her “Look of Love”
This is so far the best for EL34 variety, well, I still have to try the famous Telefunken EL34. That requires me to pay another HKD$6,000 dollar for the quad tube.
HK Snob

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My new Toy Marantz 8B Power Amplifier

I have tried listening for hours last night till some time 2 in the morning... I am listening this morning till now...The Amp is barely warm on the top of the transformer... meaning that they have over deigned the transformer, Transformers, Power, Output and Choke are the soul of the tube amplifier. As for the Mullard EL34 tubes, it does not matter caring the life. I will use it till I can find Telefunken or a NOS Mullard. As Mullard EL34 is smoother, Tele El34 is flat and wider in response...from the nature of the nations England and Germany. There is a clever facility to adjust the bias current through 4 trim pots and a Current meter. so that we can tune to the best we can for the working cross point of the output tubes.. This is important for best sonic reproduction. I will go to the market to find some good tubes.. See if I can find it. Yes.. I am using $0.2 a yards loudspeaker. Not damper for tubes and the Amp at all, it will be treated later stage... I am going to find the front tubes., 6CQ7 and 6BH6 from better makers. Oh ,there are a lot of thing to play.. The Bass is deeper and richer...than the WE300B... but the mid range is still lack of the magnetic voice of WE300B... Let me try to pull them closer... That is the fun of Hi Fi...the Fun of Tune-up! WE 300B is like Petrus 1989 whereas 8B is like Angelus 1989!
HK Snob

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marantz 8B

This is a new toy that I bought from Mr. Tsang from Tak Flat building yesterday, I am listenting to it whilst I am blogging...I am using Mullard EL34 X4 Tubes to drive my Harbeth HL-34 Loudspeaker. Sound is some What more even than WE300B, more power, balanced performance and is quite transparent. But of course the Vocal of WE300B is a magic. That is the only thing this Marantz is laking of. Well, preliminary test result is that it has a better punch than my WE300B.Marantz 8B is a compact, optimized cost with performance power amplifier. Opened th cover to reviel those Beautifully arrange manual soldering works of the American Manufacturing in the 60's.This is not just an amplifier, it is a piece of Art. if you buy 8B, pay higher for a perfect one as the price of it will apprecaite with days, 8B was selling USD$300 in 1966. Now my one I bought it from Mr. Tsang was HKD$30,000.00. The Four Mullard EL34 Tubes was HKD$6,000.00 I am seeking achance to buy some Telefunken EL34, That may cost HKD$10,000.00. HK Snob

Friday, February 18, 2011

Modified Vendetta Research SCP1 Pre-Pre-amp.

The White Tape is some kind of High Temperature heat sealant tape (it can stand up up Temp 300 Degrees C. Just to hold the heavy Golden Jensen Capacitors in Position. These two round metal can is the Dual FET that was the magic of this John Curl 's Golden Box. I have been modifying the Vendetta Research SCP1 Pre-Pre amp for optimized performance.
I had discussed with the Designer John Curl. I can changed for better performance by the followings:
1. Modify the Rectifier diode to fast recovery type
2. Add additional Power smoothing capacitor to 20,000 MFD.
3. Change a better S/N logic IC.
4. He asked me not to touch the Rel-cap 0.1 400V X4
I changed the Output Capacitor from Rel-Cap to Jensen Oil Cap 0.1MFD 400V.
That was about HKD$1,500 a piece.. the four capacitors cost me HKD$6,000.00.
Now the sound is more powerful, very quiet.. and It has been running more than 1 year already., some one told me that Jensen Capacitors is easily go for leakage as it can not be performing in stable condition when itis hot.. But I had not noticed any degradation of the four Gold Capacitors...
I put a few pieces of Ebony on top. It works like magic and the amplifier is even quieter than before.
HK Snob

Friday, February 4, 2011

Upgraded version of Audio Space 3.1 All Tubes Pre Amplifier

This is Audio Space 3.1 that I bought some 10 years ago. handled by Andy and Jason Leung. There is special Arrangement on the preamp Use The Tara Lab 6N copper strands for interconnection Use Black Gate Capacitors for power supply Multicap PPMFX 4.0 400V Coupler capacitors Servo driver control on the Main Amplifier stage, there are 4 transistors and some trim pot and resistance chain. Tubes Telefunken ECC803S X2 Telefunken 6211 X2 PriceBasic Amplifier cost HKD$9,000.00 Upgrade material cost HKD$7,000.00 (note that the Black Gate Capacitor is no more in production) NOS Black gate 100MFD+100MFD 400V is about HKD$1,800 min. a price!if you can find one! Today’s NOS Telefunken ECC803 with box sealed is about HKD$18,000.00 a pair. NOS 6211 is about HKD$7,000 a pair Performance Quiet, detail, rather high resolution, musical and warm…I rate it as 8/10 overall. I will not think of another upgrade as it may cost too much for a faction of audition difference I believe. I will stay relaxed enjoying the music rather for the coming years. Ps. All Hi Fi Audiophile lovers say like what I have just said when he has no money.... Once he got the money, he will feel itchy for consideraing a better amplifier...for Sure! HK Snob

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Transfiguration Axia Cartridge

This is Axia from Transfiguration which has 85% performance of the Orpheus in terms of Musical, Warmness, Analytical power and clarity.
Friend of mine has tested it out with all three Sprit, Axia and Orpheus, he rates Of course Orpheus the best amongst all following with Axia and Sprit.
When budget does not allowed, go for an Axia!
Orpheus is selling RM15,000.00.
Axia is RM 4,500
Sprit is RM7,000

I am asking from this Famous Audiophile guru Da Meng about the the comparison with clearaudio Golden finger VC 2 Diamond now, Only he has the chance listenign to all these four Cartridges.

HK Snob

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Transfiguration Orpheus Cartridge

This is a Yokeless design MC cartridge Tansfiguration Orpheus. Ths top of the class, valued HKD$32,000.00.
Well, we have to ask the new Cartridge owner Da Meng to give an Audtion report with the new precious cartidge on his Holfi Turntable, Amplifier and Loudspeaker. I have to wait with patient.

HK Snob