Friday, December 23, 2011

Sound Glory AV Supplies Mong Kok

Sound Glory's Mr. Tsang has been running the shop of many years at MongKok, the shop is situated at Rm 22, 4/F, Waing Wah Bldg., 14-24 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Kowloon, H.K.

They represent Canary Audio and EAR...etc.

Mong Kok Snob

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best buy Phase Tech P-3 MC cartridge

The Phase Tech P-3 MC cartridge is likely the best Valued and best performed MC cartridge I had ever used…
The P-3 Alexandrite is made by Kyodo Denshi Eng Co., Ltd Japan.
Here is the specification
Stylus : line contact/bending rate 0.03x0.03, diamond
Compliance: 7.3x 10¯6 cm/dyne (100Hz)
Output Voltage : 0.27mV
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Pressure: 1.7-20.g
Frequency Range at play” 10Hz-30KHz
Separation: >30 db (1Khz)
Channel Balance within 1 db (1Khz)
Temperate range 20-26 deg C
Cantilever :pure boron
Magnet: NeoDeltaMagnet
Base: Duralumin (with DLC treatment)
Look at the Specification, Channel separation is >30db and Channel Balance is within 1 db, that tells you how good Japanese craftsmanship can be…
Frequency Response is 10Hz to 30Khz… although they do not carry the +/1X db, and from my ear listening , it is wide.
The Pure Boron Cantilever , that is the material for Expensive Cartridge
From the Listing test, it is very detail, dynamic, true and not a Hi Fi Cartridge, it is so natural and longer you listen, the more you feel it is made for music not Hi Fi demonstration.
Go for it if you had budget concern, when I buy it last year, its is about HKD$9000. now it is over HKD$10,000.00
Well, if that is not too serious about the dynamic… not like the clearaudio VC 2 diamond…that has a better Dynamic than CD!
If that is not too much care about the mid-range that has Koetsu charisma, then probably you should go and buy it…
One more merit of this cartridge, it is very durable…. Not easy to get damages….
All you need is a quiet pre-pre-amp!
HK Snob