Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Cost Effective Audio System for Mini Living Room of Hong Kong

A Cost Effective System for Mini Living Room of HK

This is a Set-up of ALL Tubes Amplifier, an Integrated Amplifier originated from Mini 1998.

Separated Power supply with a Cordial power transformer, linked into the main chassis consists of

Pre-signal Amplifying handled by Twin Triodes 12AX7 and the other Triode will drive the EL84 push Pull circuitry. The total Output is about 12W per Channel.

To give you a better sweet music, all we need to change the Coupler Capacitor to MIT Cap. If you have a bit more budget, Change the Pre-amplifier Tube to Telefunken 12AX7 and Output EL84 to Mullard or Telefunken.

You can drive a Roger LS3/5A 11 Ohm white belly woofer.

A Nice CD Player like Marantz would do perfectly matching the system. The White colour gives you North Scandinavian Snob Winter.. the growing red tube will warm your heart with the music you like…

The total space it takes could give no excuse to any size of HK Living room not to have it.

If your budget is not allowed to go for Roger LS3/5A HKD$15,000, you can consider Audio Space Loudspeaker which is about HKD$3,600.

The Amplifier is about HKD$4,800.

What is the most important thing is Surprise of such a mini system could possibly deliver solid mellow warm music that only HKD$30,000 transistor system could possibly achieve.

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