Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sony Professionl walkman DC6 and Stax Headphone

Stax Electrostatic head phone and Walkman DC6 is likely a matched couple for me.
This is somewhat having some warm and nice tune of the notes dig out from the deep groove of the musical imprint on the Vinyl.
The bass is true, quite tight and clear, don’t mix up with muddled bass. It is easy to listen. It is light and open ear design phone.
Look at the electronics of the stax main board, they used Japan Toshiba chip, SMT technology. the Volume is a good quality one. Well, one thing not too good is power consumption, two 2A battery cells can last for about 4 hours.

As there is a DC DC convertor that convert DC 3V to about DC 170 volts I guess to generate the Hi Voltage to drive the membrane.
Walkman DC 6 is a treasure, needless to say.
It could give you a light easy relaxed way to the analogue music.

HK Snob