Sunday, July 31, 2011

Audio Space Show Room in Ap Liu Street

When you want to buy a budget Amplifier of a Hi Fi system, Think about Audio Space!
Now there is a budget system that could easily fulfill your desire to own a mid performance Audio System with limited budget…
I am talking Audio Space. And I am sure you have seen the Ad that Andy Lau was sitting down in this room for buying his Hi Fi system, Yes, this is the Audio Space Main show room in Ap Liu Street. Audio Space have been running more than 15 years and They are doing OEM for some of the German and Japanese Audio makers, Of course, all tubes amplifier.Today I went to listen to their Audio Space L/S35A. Well they have been working with some of the German supplier and their Loudspeaker is Assembled in Taiwan.
The Sound is comparable to the Roger L/S35A and Audio Space is even more powerful than the Roger in terms of Bass., But the one I listed is not yet full run in – I can not draw the comment if that is Better and the Rogers!? Well, all it takes is your time to go and Listen.
Their price is From HKD$9,500 to HKD$12,800. Depending the type of wood and finishing of the cabinets.

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