Sunday, April 1, 2012

UK Lancashire 33.3 Phono

This is an UK hand Made Phono Unit. “33.3”
Right price, right design with simple is best concept, isolated power supply. Limited edition gramophone / pick up preamplifier. The '33.3 Limited Edition' Limited to just 33 examples, this Moving Magnet phono stage has been designed for the absolute best sound quality per £. It is designed and built in Lancashire, and boasts some sound enhancing features. Obviously all valve (2x ECC83 double triode Class A operation). Each channel is assembled on it's own individual board, mono construction if you like. The shortest signal path possible, with no need for internal wire or connections, maximizing low level detail and lowering distortion. A separate power supply is included, minimizing hum field and power supply induced noise. All components are high tolerance and very carefully selected. All are hand made, and all are subject to 100 hour burn in and test. The design was to make longevity and low noise a priority over absolute gain. Unlike some of our competitors, the sound quality of the '33.3' will not deteriorate with age. The circuit uses active RIAA equalization, again using the highest tolerance matched components throughout.

· Compact size: 29 wide x 17 deep x 11 tall (CM)

· Optimized for Moving Magnet (S&B M.C. step-up transformers fitted on request)

· Active RIAA Equalization curve

· 2x Class "A" Twin Triode Valves

· External Power Supply

· Hand Made in Lancashire

· Limited to just 33...

I will try and test it and will publish a Review on it… It may be another upgrade for my Anthem Phono. Price is Super only 500 pounds including shipment to HK! Why not as Britian has definitely a better taste music audition and tuning on the system than those low cost China made ShanZhai maker!

Call me if you want one.. I can forward you the contact, it is limited to 33 uinits only... sold out Soon!
HK Snob