Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KK Lam

KK Lam has been working on DIY for many year, I know this chap since the time he ran his shop at Tak Fat Mansion, Mong Kok some 5 years ago.

He is honest, not really a business man, very knowledgeable on Classic Music, A Super Maniac for Aida.

He is running his new shop at Kwai Chung, he represents King Sound Loudspeaker, he has some of the best LP collection.

This day, we went to listen to his hand made 211 PP Power amplier and his 300B SE power amplifier pushing King Sound Prince and King Tower Loudspeaker,  The King Sound Electrostatic speaker is the best that I ahve heard, the bass is the selling point, clear, high definition with good accuracy! If not for my ting piegon hole, I will have no hesitation to get one home. Price is unbeatable with any of other Make!

Man, you have to listen to believe!!

HK Snob

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tape Deck Fever

Just a few days ago, A K.L. Hi Fi Fever man stumbled across a vintage SONY TC766-2 open reel tape deck in an electronics Shop and it was to end up in some 'Kopitiam' cafe as a decorative showpiece. Then LH offered RM250 to buy it after checking on the net that its one of the last few Sony tape deck with 15 inch per sec (studio Lab Equipment) capability. He confirmed the purchase and brought home. After checking that all functions are working perfectly although it sounds a bit noisy and distorted. He managed to restore its former glory.

Work on it for 2 days of cleaning and polishing the exterior and cleaning the mechanism and oiling, and most important the capstans, heads, rollers - the machine was superbly built - all metal, aluminium steel and wood, very minimum plastics. All knobs and switches heavy duty made for Vikings. The beast weighs some 60 lbs.

After all the servicing - it sounds wonderful playing the old worn tape that came with it. The highs and bass very natural. At 15 ips tape speed the frequency response is 20Hz to 30kHz and that’s better than CD !! And no tape hiss is audible to him. The electronics is still in good working condition. Probably some of the Electrolyte Capacitors are dried up!?

I have been using some Akai, TEAC Open Reel tape deck some 30 years ago, followed with Yamaha Cassette tape deck, now, I am having Nakamichi 680ZX cassette tape Deck.

I like TDK MAG-X tape for recording from my favourite LPs. The TDK MAG-X is made with Carbon Graphite cases, heavy Stainless Steel Screws. That tape is the Best I can find on Earth, I bought the last 10 pieces at HKD900.00 some 6 years ago. If you had a chance to see it. Don’t miss it.
Salute to the Analogue Tape Deck!

HK Snob

Saturday, December 12, 2009

King Sound Loudspeaker

Based in Hong Kong, they have been advancing at a rapid rate in terms of quality and reliability, coming from years of research in our lab and, most importantly, feedback from groups of audiophiles across the world.

King's Audio Limited is now a well-established electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer, with their King Sound products retailing in the UK, US, Norway, China and Australia.

I have been listening to their Price II Electrostatic Speakers, I cannot beleive it that there is really no colouration, no blooming box sound, clear and very deep Bass!!
That only worry me is the power, as usually the Electrostatic Loudspeadker isi a power eater. Like the Magneplanar I am using, I need to drive by a 160 pound Quell 300S power amplifer.
Also I am looking at the King Tower which is a rival for the MBL... but at a 1/10 of price!
If you want to Listen the run in speaker, Pls call KK Lam... who runs a Audio Lab of his own in Kwai Chung.
King Sound official website :

HK Snob