Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marantz 510M

This is a Marantz 510m Power amplifier. It was building in 1975 and had been renowned as the most powerful dual power amplifier at that time. It was driven by Marantz 3600. The Sound was vivid, live, and powerful, it matches with JBL 4343, 4350 Loudspeaker, and I was listening to Technics SP10 and Shure V15 Type III cartridge hanged on SME 3009 SIII Tone Arm in MongKok Hi Fi Shop 1976.

I had a best listening experience with Hotel California and Wild Cherry’s Play that Funky Music… Listen to believe it..

Friend of mine Alf told me that there is one selling n in eBay at About 3,000 Pounds. If I had a chance to get one in good condition, I think I may like to try buying one. I am sure it can beat the best of the punch from my Harbeth HL-Compact!? What That Worry me is that those component has been aged for 34 years and If there is some DC drive at the output, It burn the loudspeaker! Marantz 510M was the first complementary pair Output stage with no coupling capacitor…

Anyway, if that has been restored and tested, should be OK…
I had hardly found one in Hong Kong; Probably most of the people do not want this prince to be moved out from his listening room at all. It is about 46 pounds… I can not move it at all alone.