Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Best Turntable from UK?

This is Garrard 301, the best Turn Table using rubber idler as a machanical rotation transfer from the motor to the heavy platter. The one on top belongs to Andre Sim of Penang, and the one below will be likely be purchased by Friend of mine Alf in UK... I am still wondering if that is better than LP12.. I think we have to worth spending  one day or two to use the same Cartridge and make a comparison...
I hope that One day I can tell which design is better, Idler or Rubbter Belt!??

HK Snob

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sony Professional Walkman Three Musketeers WM-D6C, DD and DC2

While almost everyone is enjoying his fast food music through his Handphone connected to their iPod, iPhone or iPad or any MP3 Players. Wearing a high tech ear piece that claims to have a frequency response from 20 Hz to 18Khz +/-4 db.. I admit that the MP3 could product quite rather good music and it is true very convenient.
I am thinking that the best sound reproduction by hand held player is this Sony Three Musketeers...especiallt the WM-D6C. of CD 2.
The Sony Walkman WM-D6C and DC2 is basically similar, D6C can record and Play whilst DC 2 can go "Play" only. Both model provide the quartz servo capstan, speed control, Dolby NR with B-type and C-type control, tape selection on Normal, CrO2 and Metal...
The DC2 might be the best music player for outdoor application as it is smaller, but it is quite heavy with its size.
I am looking for a brand new Dc2...through eBay now.
The Panasonics Ear piece was a 2-ways design, produced in 1980, I bought it at Victory Electronics Shop at Mongkok, I still remember that was selling at HKD$600.00 that is about HKD$6,000 in today money!
The Sound is Superb, tight good deep bass, accurate Treble... and mellow Mid-range!
The best combination would be WM-D6C, Alkaline Battery cell, TDK MA-XG metal tape and the Panasonics 2-way Ear piece...Can beat most of the System available in the market now...
I have been recording the best of my LP including Teresa Tang through Koetsu Rosewood Signature II Cartridge, LP-12 Table and Ittok III Tone Arm. Vendetta SCP1 Pre-pre-amp, Anthem Pre-1P phono amp and Audio Space 3-1 Preamp onto this Professional Walkman WM-D6C.....
I am carrying it to work, I am sure that is a heavy weight Walkman but the sound is very nice.... Only listen would tell...
HK Snob