Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi Fi Guru at Ap Liu Street

When I was searching good tubes, I had a Chance to meet the shop owner, who is a guru on Audio DIY, he has been using many kind of Good stuff, name it: Studer, Revox, EMT, Tascam, Marantz, Macintosh, Professional Microphone, Seimens, Telefunken Amplifier...etc

When you had time to pass by Ap Liu Street, stop by and start you treasure hunt!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lyra Helicon MC cartridge

This is a piece of gem, the Helicon is a hi definition MC cartridge with low output 0,35mv, it is not just detail, it is having wide response characteristics, and is true reproduction of the music codes under the deep groove on your vinyl LP. This is a like new cartridge seldom use.

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Hi Fi Fever

Ps, I had just installed on my LP12, Preliminary Listening to it is Clear, quiet and dynamic , very Real! The channel separation is very good, image is sharp, wider response than you could imagine!
This is an awesome cartridge!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teac Portable Audio System SR100-iA-B

I bought this new system for background music when I work or blogging at night.

It plays with Aux, MP3, your iPhone, a built in CD with solid 50W x2 output.

Music is punching and powerful!

I put a Holfi Magician to make a more focus vocal.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Cost Effective Audio System for Mini Living Room of Hong Kong

A Cost Effective System for Mini Living Room of HK

This is a Set-up of ALL Tubes Amplifier, an Integrated Amplifier originated from Mini 1998.

Separated Power supply with a Cordial power transformer, linked into the main chassis consists of

Pre-signal Amplifying handled by Twin Triodes 12AX7 and the other Triode will drive the EL84 push Pull circuitry. The total Output is about 12W per Channel.

To give you a better sweet music, all we need to change the Coupler Capacitor to MIT Cap. If you have a bit more budget, Change the Pre-amplifier Tube to Telefunken 12AX7 and Output EL84 to Mullard or Telefunken.

You can drive a Roger LS3/5A 11 Ohm white belly woofer.

A Nice CD Player like Marantz would do perfectly matching the system. The White colour gives you North Scandinavian Snob Winter.. the growing red tube will warm your heart with the music you like…

The total space it takes could give no excuse to any size of HK Living room not to have it.

If your budget is not allowed to go for Roger LS3/5A HKD$15,000, you can consider Audio Space Loudspeaker which is about HKD$3,600.

The Amplifier is about HKD$4,800.

What is the most important thing is Surprise of such a mini system could possibly deliver solid mellow warm music that only HKD$30,000 transistor system could possibly achieve.

HK Snob

Sham Shui Po Snob

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Turntable, Tone-Arm, Cartridge and Set-up

Many people are surprised to hear that there are people who still listen to records. They are even more surprised to hear that it is still possible to buy new records. They do, and it is, and some of us still think that a nice good record, played on a well-set-up, high-quality 'table would sound much better than even the best-produced CDs played on the finest player. This is particularly true as regards older recordings especially those from the 50’s and 60s. The sound of a record is simply much more musical than that of a CD. To my ear, a violin usually sounds more like a violin when reproduced by vinyl; cymbals, in particular Enoch Light's first Command release, Persuasive Percussion performed by Terry Snyder and the All Stars and released in 1959 by Command Records (run by Enoch Light) sounds much more realistic. Even more dramatic differences accompany the spatial aspects of a recording.

There are still some who think that vinylphiles are crazy, victims of wishful thinking, or what have you: One can only invite the skeptic to listen for himself. Anyway, many people does not think that he is worth going for a trial audition!

A 'turntable' consists of three parts: The turntable rotor, whose job it is to spin the record, at the prescribed speed; a tone-arm, where the cartridge is mounted, and whose job it is to hold it as steadily as possible over the groove of the record.

And the cartridge itself, which contains the stylus, or needle, and the electronics which convert the mechanical energy, created by the groove of the record, into an electrical signal, which can be sent to the phono pre-amp.

All of these parts are crucial. It is easy to think that the most important part is the cartridge: After all, that's where the sound is coming from. But many people think that the cartridge is the least important part. Not, of course, that it doesn't need to be good: It does; your 'table is not going to sound any better than your cartridge. But the cartridge cannot do its job unless it is held precisely over the groove; it cannot do its job if the tone-arm is having resonant vibrational energy. And it cannot do its job if the 'table itself is transmitting all kinds of vibrations to the stylus through the platter and platter matt, through the record itself, or through the tone-arm. Moreover, many of the most unpleasant colorations one hears in poor turntables are actually caused by fluctuations in the speed at which the record is being played. Such minor variations can make a piano sound harsh and 'brassy', for example. One Audiophile mantra is: Nothing is unimportant. Nowhere is that more true than with turntables.

As important as the 'table itself is how it is set-up, in particular, how the cartridge is set-up. One cannot simply screw a cartridge onto a tone-arm and expect to get good sound: The cartridge has to be aligned properly, so that the stylus meets the groove at the right sort of angle. This cannot be done visually: The tolerances are much too small for that to be possible; it can only be done with the right sort of equipment. A Terlarc OMNIDISC - Test LP Disk/Demo Vinyl set is the complete tool for set-up your turntable, tone-arm and Cartridge alignment.

Enjoy your music through the tiny grooves of your LPs

HK Snob

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Audio and Nightclub waitresses


forwarded by a AudioSpace manager.

I agree , the WE300 is your final choice for Hi Fi

Sham Shui Po Snob

Monday, May 27, 2013

Audio Space Show Room

                                  One of The picture shown above is about my System at home!

I visited Audio Space Show room again as I ordered One Mini 1998 for one of our friends,
The place has not chnaged much when I stepped in some  13 years ago. The picture are there on the wall. You can see my Hi Fi system too.
Audio Space has been migarted into international OEM business as the Audio Market for HK is fa too small for them.
The are still named one of the best Audio maker in Asia.
My WE300B piush Pull Power Amplifer was custom built by them 13 years ago..
HK Snob

Monday, April 1, 2013

Marantz 8B

I have using for Audio Space WE300B PP power amplifier for quite sometime, however I have switched using the Marantz 8B again, I still find that the WE300B is more mellow in the mid range, and less bright in the hi frequency range. 8B has a lot more power than WE300B, but the overall performance is to be fair, is more balanced, but yet does not have the sweetness of WE300B, Well let me using it for a longer period of them first as the tubes, capacity, resistor need some hours for run in though the amplifier has been using for many years!

HK Snob