Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phase Tech P3 MC Cartridge

Believing it or not, this is so far the best value MC cartridge in USD$1,000 range
I have been using
Ortofon MC20 Super
Denon 103R
Denon 103 GL
Denon 103 MA
Denon 305DL
Koetsu Rosewood Signature II
Kiseki Agate
Clearaudio Gold Finger Diamond VC2
Phase Tech P3 stylus is line contact 0.03x0.003 mm diamond, Pure Boron Catilever, DLC Alumium case.
I think this Cartridge beats all the above cartridges in definition, clarity and accuracy, except the dynamic range and channel separation in not as  good as the Gold Finger.

Highly Recommended, Sonata Club is selling that!

HK Snob


  1. This seems to be such an interesting issue, I wonder this kind of cartridge has something to do with Generic Viagra . What a confusing situation!

  2. Hi Gary

    They are drugs... I can not live without them!
    HK Snob