Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KK Lam

KK Lam has been working on DIY for many year, I know this chap since the time he ran his shop at Tak Fat Mansion, Mong Kok some 5 years ago.

He is honest, not really a business man, very knowledgeable on Classic Music, A Super Maniac for Aida.

He is running his new shop at Kwai Chung, he represents King Sound Loudspeaker, he has some of the best LP collection.

This day, we went to listen to his hand made 211 PP Power amplier and his 300B SE power amplifier pushing King Sound Prince and King Tower Loudspeaker,  The King Sound Electrostatic speaker is the best that I ahve heard, the bass is the selling point, clear, high definition with good accuracy! If not for my ting piegon hole, I will have no hesitation to get one home. Price is unbeatable with any of other Make!

Man, you have to listen to believe!!

HK Snob

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