Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gold Lion KT77 on Marantz 8B

After I bought the Marantz 8B, I had been changing tubes for best tunes.
Well, this is KT77 Gold Lion sent from a good friend from UK… I had immediately inserted onto the 8B and turn on the volume and listen carefully. Well. In fact, you do not have to listen carefully as the audible difference is greater than I expected.

Comparing with the Mullard EL34, KT77 is more powerful, more musical and have a lot of well defined images, the dynamic is unlimited… The more the volume, the more the power and less effect on the resolution. This is the second day of the amplifier using the new KT77. the tubes had been run in a bit and the sound is more mellow , less HOT than Yesterday, very smooth and delightful way of Presenting her sexy voice for Dustin Spring field on her “Look of Love”
This is so far the best for EL34 variety, well, I still have to try the famous Telefunken EL34. That requires me to pay another HKD$6,000 dollar for the quad tube.
HK Snob

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